Farewell to Mini Toiletries

I can remember when I first saw mini toiletries bottles in a hotel.

It would have been 1998 at Great Keppel Island, off the coast of Queensland.

20 years later I have started to notice more and more hotels are replacing them with pump shampoo and soap dispensers.

Its a great environmental move as there must have been billions of the bottles made every year. all to be then thrown away.

Taking Them Home

Did you take some home with you when you left the hotel?

I certainly did at the start.

Like most frequent travellers I rapidly acquired a large bowl of them in our guest bathroom.

For the last few years I have rarely bothered with them.

I like to keep a mini bottle of shampoo and a small tablet of soap in my toilet bag in case I find myself staying in a very cheap hotel, or to last me for the first night in a basic Airbnb.

Is it Worth Taking Them?

Although the contents might be expensive brands, in reality the small quantity of the shampoo, or conditioner means the value is probably only a few cents.

Is it worth taking them home if you run the risk of the bottle coming undone inside your suitcase? . . . I don’t think so.

Another Bad Travel Hack

I keep seeing these crazy ideas that don’t actually work such as . . . .

Board the Plane Last

The idea is; you don’t have to get in line and queue, and if the plane is full you might get an upgrade.

Here are three reasons why its a bad idea

Nowhere to put your carry on bag

These days airlines don’t seem to enforce their carry on policies.

That means its likely the luggage lockers near your seat will be full.

If you are really unlucky they will put your carry on in the hold.

You May Not Get On The Flight

Until you have got on the plane you are a candidate to get bumped if theplane is full, or the airline suddenly needs to get crew to another location.

Once you are on the plane these days you are unlikely to be removed. (You may remember United Airlines got a lot of bad publicity when they forcibly removed David Dao Duy Anh, a Vietnamese-American passenger, in 2017)

You’re Not Getting An Upgrade!

I have had many upgrades over the years. . . . . but not one of them was after I boarded.

When it has happened it has been:

  • At check in.
  • At the Airline lounge desk.
  • Called to the gate desk before boarding.
  • As the gate desk as boarding.

Airlines have sophisticated computers and they plan upgrades carefully.

Look Down

Some of the time when I am visiting a new city I look down as well as up.

It might be something to do with being a retired water and sewerage engineer but I always notice manhole covers.

Many municipal authorities are very proud of their services and like to put a bit of thought into their access covers; so here are some I photographed on a recent trip to Europe.

Cologne (Koln) Germany

Bratislava, Slovakia

Budapest, Hungary

And Looking Up!

This sculpture called ‘Peeping Tom’ can be found in Bratislava. . . .Fresh From the Sewer!

Although these covers are impressive for really great access covers Japan takes a lot of beating.

6 More Signs You Travel too Much

I recently talked about reasons why I think I probably travel too much. . . . so here are another 6 signs that I am willing to own up to.

  • You have digital public travel passes for cities in four different countries.
  • You don’t need to look at your membership card to know your frequent flyer number.
  • A flight attendant says “Flying back already?” because she recognizes you from a previous trip.
  • You have a phone currency app with 6 or more different currencies already loaded.
  • You always use the toiletries from your travel toiletry bag, even when you are at home.
  • You have 5 different carry on sized bags depending on your proposed trip.
  • Back row from left to right: Samsonite Hard Sided Spinner, Skyway Suit Carrier, Qantas Briefcase.
  • Front Row: Hi Sierra Duffel, Kathmandu Backpack.

Do you have any other signs that you travel too much that you are guilty of?

More Bad Travel Hacks

Here are a couple more ‘Travel Hacks’ I have seen but I won’t be using:

Pack A Towel

Followers of the ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’ are told they ‘should always know where their towel is at’, but I haven’t packed a proper towel for 20 years.

I did try those travel towels about 15 years ago but didn’t find them very effective. (I suppose they are OK if you are camping)

As far as I am concerned the hotel provides towels for your room; and for the hotel pool.

If you go to the beach just buy a cheap towel locally and leave it behind when you move on.

Dress Smartly You Might Get An Upgrade

I have previously mentioned how unlikely is your chances of an upgrade.

On the occasions when I have got an upgrade I have been wearing runners, chinos, or jeans and a casual shirt.

Much more comfortable for long haul travel than a suit. . . . especially if you don’t get that upgrade!

Any other travel hacks you won’t be using?

Silly Travel Hack

I came across this ‘Travel Hack’ the other day.

The idea is that the Binder Clip protects the razors blades when you are travelling.

Well I don’t know about the blades you buy but the blades I buy come clipped in a plastic box.

When You have finished your shave you can just click them back in the box.

Even if you buy disposable razors they come with a plastic guard you can put back on.

Whichever way you go it will be cheaper, and lighter, than this stupid idea.