Silly Travel Hack

I came across this ‘Travel Hack’ the other day.

The idea is that the Binder Clip protects the razors blades when you are travelling.

Well I don’t know about the blades you buy but the blades I buy come clipped in a plastic box.

When You have finished your shave you can just click them back in the box.

Even if you buy disposable razors they come with a plastic guard you can put back on.

Whichever way you go it will be cheaper, and lighter, than this stupid idea.

Farting on Planes

You might not be farting (a more technical term is ‘High Altitude Flatus Expulsion’) on the plane, but everyone else is!

I’m told some flight attendants refer to the smell as ‘Eau de Boeing’.

Why It Happens

Basically on a plane flying at 10,000 m the air is only pressurised to 2,000 – 3,000m altitude rather than sea level..

If you have ever taken a bag of potato crisps on a plane you will see the pack which has been manufactured with air at sea level is now ‘inflated’ as tight as a drum.

Well the same applies with the gases in your gut, which makes you more likely to fart and feel bloated.

What Can You Do?

Prevention methods include:

Holding back a fart can lead to discomfort, pain, more bloating, and a final ‘explosive result’.

A little fart shouldn’t be too much of a problem as aircraft ventilation systems pull air from the ceiling to extraction point in the floor, away from sensitive noses!

Anyway everyone else has the same problem.

6 Signs You Travel too Much

A bit of fun for this post.

Here are some of the signs of travelling too much that I have been guilty of;

  1. You like to take the return trip in a different month to the outward trip so you can watch different movies.
  2. You think the in flight magazine should be weekly, not monthly
  3. When you don’t bother buying duty free booze because you already have too much at home.
  4. When you have got a selection of belts with plastic buckles to make it easier to go through airport security.
  5. The restaurant you visit the most is in another country.
  6. When you have been home a couple of days and you are still using the wiper stalk instead of the Indicator stalk.

What are the signs you travel too much?