Are Window Seats Overrated?


Its great to be able to get views like the one in the photo.

Some people like to lean against the side of the plane to sleep. (Although I have never found that much benefit)

You won’t have people asking you if they can get passed.


On lots of trans ocean flights there is not a lot to see for the majority of the flight.

For long haul the flight attendants want the window blinds closed for the majority of the flight. (They say its so people can see the video screens better. . . . I think they just want everyone to either sleep, or be absorbed in the movies, so there is less for them to do)

If you want to go to the toilet, or just stretch your legs you have to get someone else to move.

My Travel Hacks

  • Well I always go for an aisle seat when travelling long haul, but aim for a window seat for flights less than about 3 hours.
  • If you want the clearest view its best to avoid the side of the airplane that will be in the sun.
  • Use Seat Guru to avoid a seat directly over the wing.

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