Avoid On Your Next Cruise

Your Cruise liner may look graceful sailing in a blue sea . . . . . but that doesn’t mean that everything is great.

The ship is really a floating town, and just like a town there are places that are best avoided.

Garbage Handling Area

The days of disposal of garbage at sea are long over.

Disposal of almost all garbage at sea now prohibited apart from specific exemptions.

That means that waste has to be collected, sorted, and either compacted, or incinerated.

All the smells of garbage, but having to do it in an enclosed area in the depths of the ship.

The Morgue

The average age on many of the cruises I have been on would be well over 60.

It’s no surprise therefore that due to natural causes,such as heart attacks there are deaths onboard.

Ships can be at sea for several days. so there is a need for a refrigerated area to preserve the body.

You won’t accidentally find your way there, as it will be is on the lower, crew-only decks.

The Brig

Behaving badly on a ship and you could find yourself confined to their cabin with a guard outside.

Commit a serious crimes however and you might be staying in the ‘Brig’ (Ship’s jail)

The high security brig will be close to the security office.

In will only be a short term stay as you well be removed from the ship at the next port and turned over to the local police.

Crew Bar

The crew work hard for long hours looking after the passengers.

Its only right then that they get a chance to relax so why not in a crew only bar where they can have break from customer service.

The drinks will be much cheaper than in the passenger bars, which is another reason why the owners don’t want to see you there

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