Economy Seat Hacks

Flying long haul in economy can be a real trial, but there are some travel hacks you can do to help you get through the journey.

Using the Pillow and or Blanket

The typical airline seat is built for the average person, which doesn’t include me.

If a pillow or blanket is provided you can use it to modify the feel of the seat.

I have used these items to provide additional support to the small of my back.

Sometimes I use them at the seat fold to smooth the transition between the two components .

No pillow or blankets? . . . . you could try a jumper

Adjust the Head Rest

Headrest with wings folded forward

Although most budget airlines seem to have fixed headrests a full service airlines seats will probably have adjustable head rest. . . . although I don’t see many people taking advantage.

The typical headrest can move up and down several cms.

The side wings can also be folded forward to stop your head rolling sideways as you sleep.

Remove the Arm Rest

If you are travelling with a partner, or even if the seat next to you is empty you should be able to lift the arm rest up and out of the way.

When space is limited even a couple of cms can make a difference.

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