Farewell to Mini Toiletries

I can remember when I first saw mini toiletries bottles in a hotel.

It would have been 1998 at Great Keppel Island, off the coast of Queensland.

20 years later I have started to notice more and more hotels are replacing them with pump shampoo and soap dispensers.

Its a great environmental move as there must have been billions of the bottles made every year. all to be then thrown away.

Taking Them Home

Did you take some home with you when you left the hotel?

I certainly did at the start.

Like most frequent travellers I rapidly acquired a large bowl of them in our guest bathroom.

For the last few years I have rarely bothered with them.

I like to keep a mini bottle of shampoo and a small tablet of soap in my toilet bag in case I find myself staying in a very cheap hotel, or to last me for the first night in a basic Airbnb.

Is it Worth Taking Them?

Although the contents might be expensive brands, in reality the small quantity of the shampoo, or conditioner means the value is probably only a few cents.

Is it worth taking them home if you run the risk of the bottle coming undone inside your suitcase? . . . I don’t think so.

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