Nation of Trainspotters

As the son of a railwayman I have always been interested in trains.

In Japan the enthusiasm for trains is at a whole new level.

There are conventional trainspotters taking photographs and recording numbers called Tori-tetsu (tori means to take, and tetsu means train)

Sharyo-tetsu are fans of train design, who love this one of a kind train in the photo above. (It is modified to be a tribute to Neon Genesis Evangelion, an Anime TV series)

Nori-tetsu are people who enjoy travelling on trains. . . . . I’m a supporter of that club!

If you like reading timetables and planning imaginary rail journeys you are a Yomi-tetsu.

Oto-tetsu, are those who record the sound of trains.

People who study aspects of stations are called Eki-tetsu. . . . for instance I have heard of one man who can identify hundreds of stations just by hearing a recording of the announcement chime.

If you like bento boxes you could be a Ekiben-tetsu, who try out the bento lunch boxes of local delicacies sold at stations.

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