Drinking Water Safety

Ever wondered how safe the water is in you hotel in developing countries?

Well most big hotels do have some sort of water filters so the water does normally look clean.


Two problems are

  • Does the water filtration system remove all bacteria?
  • Are the pipes and tanks between the filtration and your tap clean?

Some hotels have Ultrafiltration or Reverse Osmosis (RO) filters which should remove bacteria, as long as they are maintained and not by-passed.

Risk Free Approach

Avoid, Ice, mixed cordials and and washed salad

Drink bottled water, and check the suppliers seal on the bottle before you use it.

Use bottled water for brushing your teeth, and making ice in your mini bar fridge.

Additional Travel Hack

When cleaning your teeth don’t put the bottle down while you are brushing!

It’s easy to put the bottle down then habit takes over and you use the tap to rinse!

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