Make Use Of Early Mornings

Jet lagged and awake early in the morning?

Rather than trying to get to sleep . . . . why not get up and explore?

Getting Away From Crowds

The shot above of an almost empty St Marks Square in Venice was taken in the middle of August.

So where are all the crowds? . . . . . well it’s 8.30am and the day trippers and the cruise passengers haven’t arrived.

In hour later and there would be hundreds of people in this shot.

Another view not many would see is the one in this photo, from the top of the Rialto Bridge.

No one in sight at 8.00 am in the morning.

Later at midday it was like being in the middle of a football crowd.

Over the years I have visited many cities and found early mornings can be a fantastic experience.

Walking the ‘High Line’ in New York by myself, or having a Tai Chi class in a Hong Kong park, mornings can be the best time.

When do you explore a new city?

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