Still More Bad Travel Hacks

Here are a couple more travel hacks I have seen, that I won’t be using.

Wear Black

Well I don’t want to look as though I am going to a funeral.

I think iit’s boring to wear black and shows a lack of imagination.

Finally we have a predominantly white cat and cat hairs really show up on black clothes.

Taking Detergent for Washing Clothes

I have seen small tubes of liquid detergent for travellers, but the cost for a few cc’s is as much as a big bottle!

As far as I am concerned the less liquids that can spill in my bags the better.

I normally wash my T shirts, socks and boxer shorts using the hotel shampoo or shower gel.

Seems to work fine to me but if you really must use a clothes detergent it doesn’t cost much to buy it at your destination..

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