Best Travel Coat

What is the best travel Coat?

Well after trying various types of coats over the years I have settled on the 3 in 1 coats such as I am wearing in the photograph.

Generally they come with a fairly lightweight waterproof outer coat.

I’ve found Gortex is about the best material .

This coat kept me dry standing on the ‘Hurricane Deck’ very close to the Bridal Veil Falls at Niagara.

I usually prefer to use an umbrella unless it is really windy so I like a zip away hood.

The inner jackets, which can be zipped into the outer coat is the insulation layer.

As you can see this inner jacket also looks quite good as a casual jacket for cool evenings.

Together the two have kept me comfortable standing on a glacier and on a mountain top in the Canadian Rockies.

Travel Hack

With 6 large external pockets a combined coat like this can help you get a couple of extra Kg on board the plane, as your coat doesn’t count in your carry on allowance.

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