Subways, Taxis or Buses

What is the best way of getting around a city?

I have used all three, as well as walking!

Here are some thoughts?

Subways (Underground Railways)

Normally fast, and inexpensive.

A couple of downsides.

  • You can’t see anything in a tunnel.
  • Those subway maps are easy to read but don’t give you much idea about the relative positions of places you want to visit. (I have travelled on two different subway lines to actually get between things that are only a short distance apart)

Taxis (or Ubers)

Direct from where you are to your destination.

You do get to see some of the sites as you travel.

Slower than the subway, and the most expensive way of city travelling.


Generally the slowest transport, but inexpensive!

As you are higher up you do see more as you travel.


I tend to only use Taxis to travel between Hotel and airport, or train station.

This makes things fairly simple when carrying luggage and when you might be tired.

For the first few days I like to use the Buses as they help me get a a better idea of the city layout.

The higher view also means you see more.

Once I have got a better idea of the city I am more likely to use the Subway.

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