Are You Holiday Fit?

If you are like us, eager to explore, you will get a lot of exercise on holiday.

Even going out dancing every night could be more activity than you are used to.

So are you ready for your holiday?

Normal Daily Exercise

I make a point of walking a lot and keep a check using my I -phone.

My daily target is 10,000 steps, but I don’t always manage that, with something around 7,000 being a typical number.

On a slack day it might only be 2-3,000.

Typical Holiday Steps

On holiday I find that a daily average is over 15,000 steps, exploring European towns and visiting museums

On a big day I might reach 20,000 steps with more than a few hundred of those being on a hill, or up steps to a viewpoint.

Travel Hacks

  • Before you go on holiday it might be worth thinking about leaving the car in the garage and doing a bit more walking.
  • Make sure you take some shoes that are really comfortable.

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